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Sorry to get "political" here (though the survival of the Human Race should not be considered as political) but this is a topic that NEEDS to shoved into everyone's faces right now. Climate Change is the single greatest threat to the continued existence of our species and I'm tired of people not getting that. ISIS and other extremest fundamentalist groups like them are horrid, I fully understand that. But even if ISIS ever were able get their hands on a nuclear device and detonate it in the middle of large Western city and kill hundred of thousands in the blast alone, let alone radioactive fallout (and that WOULD be incredibly horrible, don't get me wrong) it would still be BETTER than what WILL happen if we keep going on like this. We all need to GET THAT IN OUR HEADS! Otherwise, well then... frankly we are all utterly screwed.…

Every major coastline in the world is already irreversibly doomed and will be underwater likely by the end of the century. The heat in the Middle East is already beginning to render the whole region UNINHABITABLE for human life which will make the current refugee crisis look like child's play and make violent extremism far worse worldwide! Hell, let's not forget that the whole crisis in Syria right now started because of mass drought!…

In the words of Bernie Sanders, we need to treat Climate Change as "a World War II level threat" and he's right. Each and every one of us need to be constantly telling our friends and family members how big a deal this is. We need to share as many facts and articles and videos about the subject online with as many other people as we possibly can. We need to register and volunteer with any local and/or larger groups and organizations who fight against Climate Change.…

At this point, even helping spread the word is still a hell of a lot better than just doing nothing!
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I've been looking for the old commercial that was the primary inspiration to write "Belly Button Scanner" for a good year to no avail. This commercial is so elusive that it's become a bit of a legend as far as I'm concerned, hence the title of this entry. Now that I have significantly more watches than my last journey entry, I thought I'd give this another shot.


"This young short haired brunette Caucasian woman wearing a blueish/purplish shirt goes to get her picture taken for some kind of photo ID.  She walks into a photo booth and starts making sassy poses in front of the camera. The male photographer gets into it and keeps taking more pictures while the woman keeps posing. She eventually lifts up her shirt and a picture is taken of her bare belly. The commercial then ends with the woman getting her ID card with that same belly photo printed on it and walking away with a smile on her face. There was also a typical female narration over the course of the ad but I remember nothing of what it was saying."

I believe the commercial aired around 2006-2007. I saw it at least twice and both times were at night so probably between 8 pm and 10 pm U.S. eastern standard time. That is all I have to go on. I remember absolutely nothing else. NOTHING! Not the product, not the type of product, not even the brand name! Just the imagery described above.

I've also talked to others on various forums who have said that they at least vaguely remember what I'm talking about.. One person said they though the woman was specifically going for a passport. Another said it was an ad for shampoo. That's it.

If anyone else has any information, I would be very grateful.
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To all those interested who may interested. I have just recently created a new channel on Youtube where I will be reviewing various media entertainment properties of the fictional sort (movies, TV shows, books, comics and video games to be a little more specific). I already have a number of audio reviews up as we speak though I am currently still getting the hang of it.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.…

It was awesome finally rediscovering that Blood Omen 2 commercial, but there are two other sexy little TV ads that I still haven't found yet. The main problem is that I just don't remember for sure what they were each for or exactly when they originally aired. Is there anyone else who remembers them?

The first (I believe it was for some type of clothing line and aired around 2001-2002) inter-cuts a bunch of individual women taking about their favorite parts of their bodies. One of them standing outside dressed in winter clothes lifts up her sweater and shouts "MY BELLY BUTTON!" It may have been a Dove commercial, but I havn't foud any matchs on Goggle.

The second (I think it aired around 2005-2006 and was probably for some kind of feminine hygiene product) featured a woman apparently getting her picture taken the for some kind of ID card. She starts making various sassy poses and the photographer gets into it and keeps taking more pictures. She then lifts up her shirt and picture is taken of her bare belly. The commercial then ends with the woman getting her ID card with that same belly picture printed on it and walking away with a smile on her face.

I've been looking for these commercials on the internet for a while now but without remembering what they were actually advertising or even the general time frame in which they originally aired, I'm afraid I may never find them again. AOL Answers hasn't turned up a thing so I figured I might have have better luck here. If there's anyone who can tell me what either of them were originally for or post a video link, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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Thursday Evening, March, 2002: I was watching the weekly broadcasts of Monster Jam and Robot Wars back to back on Spike TV back when it was called "The New TNN." Then, during a commercial break (I forget for which show, it was twelve freaking years ago) I saw it. A dark interrogation chamber-like room with a hot chick leaning back against a table in apparent ecstasy and then moaning orgasmicly when her belly button is "pierced." "What's on the mind of a Blood Omen disciple at a time like this..." we hear the narrator say as a tiny stream of blood starts to trickle out the girl's navel. The ad then switches to gameplay footage of Blood Omen 2 and the narrator continues on, but I really didn't care. I was only casually into video games at the time and had no interest in the Horror genre. And of course, I (as a horny 11 year old boy with a hardcorps attraction for female belly buttons) had just witnessed the closest thing to a sexy honest to earth navel fetish video that I would ever see for years to come. It was admittedly a little disturbing, but also incredibly arousing. Though at the time I still knew only a little about what arousal really was.

This was still a few years away from the age of mass video internet streaming (hell, we still had dial-up... and freaking VCRs) and I had child blocks that I was never computer savey enough to hack. To be honest, I didn't even have the intuition to just tape the shows and hope the ad would play, let alone look it up on the web. Plus, all the VHS tapes that my family did use would always be taped over rather quickly with something new. Still, I always remembered that sexy imagery, and would eventually get incentive to try and find the commercial again years later.

But for some reason, this commercial was just nowhere to found. Youtube had several promotional and gameplay videos for Blood Omen 2, but it was like that incredibly hot TV promo that I swear I saw had never even existed. I at one point thought I may have had the wrong game. In desperation, I actually tried asking help from anyone who would listen on AOL Answers but to no avail. Then, finally, I decided to perform yet another desperate search on Google Video a few days ago and actually found it! The Vimeo account under Jack Hughes has it. He was apparently the one who cut together the gameplay footage into the trailer for Eidos Interactive but had nothing to do with the live action stuff in the beginning. 

Anyway, watching this video for the first time in twelve years was pretty awesome. It seem longer and looked brighter and more vibrant (possibly due to Network censorship when it originally aired). Also, I discovered that the person piercing the hot chick's navel was in fact also a chick. This made the whole scene even hotter. I really don't know why this was so hard to find and I strongly recommend all my fellow belly button fetishists that haven't seen this video (or haven't seen it in a long while) to check it it out and leave comments telling me what you think.

Disclaimer: This video does not belong to me. It is the property of whatever Edios Interactive has become now (Square Enix I believe). Viewer discretion is of course advised to those who are squeamish towards the site of blood.

My fetish is something I don't normally talk about with others and I certainly feel more comfortable doing it on a website like DeviantArt than one like Facebook. There are a couple of other commercials that I'm still trying to find that I may ask the community here for help in searching for in the future.

P.S. I know that the Soul Reaver/Legacy of Kain series has a strong cult following and I want any fans who see this to know that I mean no disrespect in downplaying Blood Omen 2 itself.
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